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Fees and payment

It seems that you have learned about who we are, what we do and how we do it. You are considering working together, but there is another important issue: What are the fees and how will you pay them? If we were you, we'd think like you... Based on the price, we'd like to decide if it's worth the money. But we wouldn't want to buy a product for a cheap price and make a loss later.  Especially in such a serious and often irreversible business, we would never want to encounter a result with a gap between dreams and reality, as in the picture below.  

Therefore, we do not compromise on quality, but we offer quality at the "most reasonable" prices. Our wages are much more modest compared to those who do similar work (we mean professional and quality). In fact, let's put aside the academic world and the knowledge required for this, we also have modest fees when compared to the tuition fee charged for any course. Our services are provided by titled professors but if you multiply the time spent for your request by the private tuition fee, you can see that we have affordable fees. There are two main reasons for this:  1- Our platform works transparently with the direct participation of our experts in the system. In other words, 3 liras are not asked from you for a job that can be done for 1 lira by our experts. In other words, there is no intermediate trade. Thus, you are profitable.  2- We do this primarily to share our experiences and to be useful to you. A modest financial gain comes second. This is really so.

So what are the fees?

This is the first question we are asked most of the time, and we would happy to be able to give a clear answer to this right away. However, the service we provide is a little different from any product sale because every work is different and special. In the academic world, the aim is to contribute to science by presenting a different study and to open a new window. As such, first of all, you should define your subject, purpose, method, etc. and we need to know them. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to tell you a fee without seeing your work and what you want from us. And, based on your study is undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, etc. we determine a price by evaluating at the features such as what level it is, the subject it covers, the content, what has been done and what to do, the number of pages and the deadline. In short, we need to examine your work and wishes.


Therefore, in the request form we ask questions to learn them without boring you as much as possible. After we have enough information, we offer you our price offer. We do not charge fees for the works until the writing stage. We do not charge for analyzes in studies involving SPSS. Our offer is in the form of a "fee per page written" for most of the work we do. However, we also give you the number of pages we expect to be written. For example, we estimate a writing of 20-25 pages. We indicate the cost per page and the estimated amount (usually our estimate range, but it can be plus or minus 2 pages). Thus, you do not encounter surprises. In addition, the pages are prepared according to the rules of your thesis writing guide, such as font size and spacing. If there is no such guide, we default to Times New Roman 12 point.

Neden Tez Yardım Platformu?
Neden Tez Yardım Platformu?

most reasonable fees

without compromising on quality,

we offer the most reasonable rates

Neden Tez Yardım Platformu?

pay as written

You pay according to the number of pages we write

Neden Tez Yardım Platformu?

no prepayment

we start

without prepayment

Neden Tez Yardım Platformu?

bank payment

You make a secure and proven payment via bank

Neden Tez Yardım Platformu?

check first

you pay after checking samples from written pages

Neden Tez Yardım Platformu?

you are referencing

We are sure that you will recommend us at the end of the process.


How will I make the payment?  

We accept payment via bank transfer or EFT (IBAN). Since we provide a completely legal service, accepting payments in this way also guarantees you. You are not sending money to an unknown medium. You can always prove your payment.

In addition to bank transfer, we also accept payments by PayPal. What is papara?

We also accept payments via Western Union from abroad.

What are your withdrawal and return conditions?

We unconditionally accept the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts. So you are under warranty. However in the event that you give up (withdrawal) from the work after the work has started, we have the right not to refund the fee received, if the prepayment has been received. Because the work we do, the product we create is personal and it is not possible for someone else to use it. Therefore, it is not within the scope of return.  The basis for this is, within the scope of "contracts for goods prepared in line with the consumer's wishes or personal needs" specified in paragraph b of Article 15 of the Regulation on Distance Contracts announced in the Official Gazette dated 27.11.2014 and dated 29188, "regarding the services started with the consent of the consumer". However, you can be sure that we will refund if work has not been started.

When is the payment due?

We receive the full payment upon completion of the work.

How do we do it? Here's how the process works:


Once we have reached an agreement on the fee we offer (along with gaining sufficient trust), we do not require any upfront payment before commencing the work. Yes, you read it correctly – we start without any upfront payment. This is because we have complete confidence in the quality of our work.

At the end of the specified timeframe we discussed at the beginning, when your work is fully completed, we will send you pages from the finalized version of your work. You can either specify the page numbers you would like to review or we can make a random selection for you. For example, pages 1, 7, 15, 21, 27... We want to ensure that you are confident in the completion and quality of the work.

Following your examination of the sample pages, we will then request the total payment. Once we receive your payment, we will promptly deliver the entire work to you.

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