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Who are we? What do we do?

Before deciding to collaborate with us, we understand that you may be curious about our identity and the nature of our work. And rightfully so, as we would have had the same inquiries if our roles were reversed. You are about to entrust us with work that holds great significance to you, which naturally raises questions about our competence, our ability to meet your requirements, and the level of trustworthiness we possess. Recognizing that our communication takes place solely in a virtual environment, devoid of face-to-face interaction, we acknowledge the need to offer more than mere assurances.

In today's era, the internet serves as a ubiquitous tool, catering to a wide array of needs such as theses, homework, projects, translations, and private lessons, while also permeating every aspect of our daily lives—from ordering food and selling used goods to finding companions and purchasing bus tickets. Countless websites, especially in many European countries and the USA, are engaged in endeavors akin to ours. To provide an example, a single website in the UK specializing in thesis support services alone delivers over 10,000 services annually. Perhaps you have already come across similar websites in Turkey as well. Consequently, it is no surprise that students heavily rely on platforms like ours for their thesis and homework needs.

Regrettably, the majority of similar websites in Turkey primarily function as thesis writing services from scratch. This means that students are not required to contribute anything, as the entire thesis is prepared and delivered to them from A to Z. Such services are typically provided by graduate or doctoral students who also offer private tutoring, and while they may possess some writing skills, they are not necessarily academic professionals employed by universities. You can easily identify this by exerting pressure on the website or individual providing the service. Consequently, these practices often lead to victimization. Advisors and thesis committees, who are familiar with this issue, can easily detect such instances. When faced with specific questions and requests, those offering thesis writing services find themselves unable to fulfill them adequately. If you conduct some research on the internet, you will discover the extent of victimization that occurs. Our intention is not to defame specific individuals or websites, but rather to shed light on the prevailing situation, as the online environment is susceptible to various abuses. It is possible that inexperienced staff members have been hired in this field, resulting in unprofessional work and potential victimization. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully examine the information provided on websites, evaluate the responses to your inquiries, and pay attention to pricing and warranty policies. This way, you can make a more informed and cautious decision.

Tez Yardım Platformu referans
Tez Yardım Platformu referans
Tez Yardım Platformu referans
Tez Yardım Platformu referans

So who are we exactly?

We are Thesis Help Platforma distinguished platform established by experienced academicians with a minimum of 10 years' involvement in academic life, holding at least the title of Assistant Professor. Unlike many similar websites, we are not operated by non-academic individuals. Our team comprises numerous doctoral faculty members, associate professors, and professors specializing in various fields. Our primary objective is to share our expertise and derive the satisfaction of making a positive impact on your academic journey. Delivering each completed work, which becomes a significant part of our commitment and holds great importance in your life, brings us immense joy.

Furthermore, our unwavering principles revolve around mutual respect and adherence to ethical guidelines when collaborating with you. We assure you of a 100% professional service rendered by professors holding a minimum rank of assistant professor. Additionally, our platform ensures secure payment transactions through a certified website (noted by the "https://" protocol), allowing for written documentation and bank payments. We guarantee the provision of high-quality, 100% original work, free from any plagiarism. Should any discrepancies arise in meeting these commitments, we pledge to offer a refund as per our policy.

What sets us apart? What services do we provide?  

Our approach is different from providing a complete thesis writing service from scratch. We believe in the importance of student contribution and do not undertake the writing of sections such as the theoretical framework or literature review, which require the student's involvement. We are here to support and assist you by providing guidance, suggestions, and corrections to the sections that you have written or will write with your advisor's input. Our role is akin to that of an advisor, offering valuable insights and recommendations. Additionally, we offer guidance in writing the introduction section, which typically spans around 4-5 pages and provides an overview of the thesis's subject and purpose. We consider this section suitable for student involvement since it draws on their work from other departments. In essence, our services focus on areas that require expertise beyond the scope of thesis writing, necessitate guidance, and fall outside the realm of student expertise. It's important to note that if you request a service that falls outside the specified scope, we will provide a clear response stating that we are unable to accept the task.


How CAN you trust us?

1- First of all, let's state this from the beginning: We do not take any prepayment before the work is finished, that is, before we make a delivery to you. Yes, we really do not take any upfront payments! Because we trust our work! We offer you great assurance.

2- In the article above, you had the assurance that we would do the work. So what about the content? What if we do poor quality work! There is an easy way to solve this, too:
Before we receive payment, we send you pages from the finished work according to the page numbers you can specify or by choosing randomly. For example, pages 1, 7, 15, 21, 27... When you examine them, you will also gain confidence in quality.

3- Before starting the work, we mutually clarify the scope of the work and record it. Our professional approach at this stage
will give you an important insight. We also want you to ask us any questions you may have at this stage. We answer your general academic questions free of charge. So you can also test our expertise.

4- We
have been continuing our services since 2012. You can check how long our site has been in operation with a short research. We are not a site that opens and closes in a short time. This is an important element of trust. You can also check our social media accounts retrospectively. Our YouTube channel has been active since 2016, has a significant number of followers and a rich content that can hardly be found in Turkey. 

Apart from these, what we guarantee, etc. You can find the topics in different sections of our site.
We do our best for you to trust us. Now it's up to you to decide...

How do we help?

One of them is to assist you at every stage of the relevant parts of your studies based on surveys, measurements and similar quantitative or qualitative analysis. We provide full consultancy services such as the preparation of your survey, its online application and data collection, analysis with SPSS and similar programs, and writing methods, findings and conclusion sections based on these. Because these are jobs that require expertise in subjects such as statistics, measurement and evaluation apart from the thesis topic. It is wrong to expect the student to know them completely besides the thesis they have prepared. In addition, the continuation of the process by using a wrong method or analysis, as a result of which wrong results are reached and writing them, will create irreversible problems for the theses that will be on the library shelves as a source. Therefore, we recommend getting help with these. In any case, the advisors also direct their students to us, as they think in this direction. What we do in this context, click here You can learn in detail from the page you will reach.

Another service we provide is edit (post-reading) + conversion to delivery format . In this context, we correct or develop the thesis you have prepared in line with your advisor's suggestions or according to your wishes. In addition, we bring it to the submission format according to the thesis writing guide.  


One of the services we mostly provide is reducing the rate of citations that are more than desired as a result of the turnitin search. Thus, we make your work ready for delivery and deliver it to you. For this, we do not scan, we request the turnitin report from you. Then we provide consultancy on reducing the rates you want.

Apart from this, we also provide different services such as translation, turning your thesis into an article and preparing a presentation.


In short, thesis, homework, project, etc. at the undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level, we bring all your work to the desired state according to the conditions stated above. Your request from us may be part or all of your work. You can only ask us to write an abstract or to convert it into a delivery format.  You can review the request form to see all the services we provide. You can also read about what we do here.  If you have different questions, you can write to us after reviewing the frequently asked questions . 

How can I make a decision about the website I will receive services from?
We know that you have been looking at similar websites... We are also aware that you consider which website to use in order to both produce a high-quality result as desired and avoid being a victim. So, evaluate all the websites, including ours, according to the criteria below and make sure to get answers to them. Don't settle for stress by receiving poor service (it can even lead to trauma; we receive emails from people who become victims every week) and don't waste your money in vain. Isn't it true that there is more than one way to use your mind?

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