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Our contact information and request form

We attach great importance to fast and uninterrupted communication. We use many ways for this. However, in order to fulfill what you want from us in the most professional and quality way, exactly as you want, we would like you to send your request via the "request form" . Please send your requests by request form, not by e-mail.

If you need to ask a question first before your request, or if you have questions in our ongoing work (no need to fill out the form again), then our primary contact is email . You can write to our address bu . We take care to answer e-mails from you as soon as possible._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Our clients who have worked with us before know how fast we are in communication. 


Note: The demand  form may take up to 10-15 seconds to open, depending on your internet speed.  If the form does not open, you can click here to use the page that opens. ​

What happens when you submit the claim form?

When you submit the request form, you will receive a system approval within 1-2 minutes.

If this confirmation does not come, the e-mail address you entered was written incorrectly.

If you sent your request between 08:00 and 20:00, we will return within 2 hours* with an e-mail including the evaluations of the field expert.

*In cases of density, this period may rarely be extended.


You should definitely review the entire process by accessing it here .

You should also review this page before your SPSS requests. 


Submit the request form below

Please state what you want as detailed as possible. In this way, we will be able to help you in the most accurate (complete and error-free) and time-consuming correspondence will prevent loss of time. Also, since your requests are recorded in writing, you will have proof.


1. Hukuk, İlahiyat, Mimarlık, Ziraat Mühendisliği alanlarında "kavramsal çerçeve bölümü yazımı" hizmeti verilmemektedir. 

2. Diğer alanlarda, kavramsal çerçeve bölümü yazımı taleplerinizde konunuzun ne olduğunu mutlaka yazmalısınız. Lütfen konunuzun ne olduğunu yazmadan bu talepte bulunmayınız. Yazışma trafiğimizi arttırmamanızı rica ediyoruz (Size ilk mailimizde konunuzu soracağız).

3. Lütfen telefonda anlatacağım, beni arayın vb. taleplerde bulunmayınız. Çalışma sistemimiz profesyonellik ve yazılı iletişim üzerine kuruludur. Bunun nedenini sitemizde açıklıyoruz ve yıllardır bu şekilde çalışıyoruz. Aksi halde sizin görüşlerinize saygı duyuyor ancak talebinizi karşılayamayacağımızı belirtmek istiyoruz.

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