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Important information and roadmap

for your analysis requests such as SPSS, AMOS

What is SPSS?

SPSS is a program similar to Excel. However, since it was developed for statistical analysis, it has quite a few advantages. The full name of the program is “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences”. You can read the details.


What Can Be Done With SPSS? Why should I use it?

SPSS is a program for statistical analysis. Therefore, if you use methods and data such as surveys and measurements in your study and you want to analyze them for purposes such as comparing, establishing relationships, testing hypotheses, and finding effects, you should definitely use a program such as SPSS. Thus, you can do what you want both easily and proving (proving is very important in theses and articles!).


Let's give an example:  You are preparing a thesis on the relationship between the presence of depression and smoking. You want to prove that smoking increases as depression increases. At the same time, you want to go into details by gender and age. For example, what are the smoking rates of women aged 20-30 with depression? What level is the relationship with the smoking rate here?  You might be a little confused. Here SPSS allows you to find them easily. Of course, this is a very simple example. It may be possible to perform similar analyzes with Excel. But, as the analysis gets more complex, you will need a program like SPSS and your job will be easier.

So what we do?

Briefly, we do your analyzes (normality analysis, validity - reliability analysis, exploratory factor analysis (EFA), confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), structural equation model (SEM), t-test, ANOVA, MANOVA, Mann Whitney-U, Kruskal Whallis, Wilcoxon, Tukey's HSD, Chi-Square, Welch, Correlation, Regression etc. tests) as you want and we write the method, findings and conclusion sections of your theses/articles in a ready-to-delivery format in an academic language. So you focus on other parts of your thesis, such as literature. Or we produce your analysis reports, you write them. ​In addition, we deliver you the SPSS data file (.sav) and the complete reports in pdf format, along with your work after the analysis. In this way, you can use the data in your future research and present it to your professors with reports. You can see the process of SPSS analysis in detail below.

Why Should An Expert Do SPSS Analysis?

In fact, it is best to do your analysis as the owner of the thesis. Thus, besides learning the program, your command of your research will increase. However, in cases where you do not have enough information, support or time to learn and/or use the program, it is best to seek professional help for the analysis of your work. Because, in case of incomplete or wrong analysis, it is very likely that your thesis will not be successful and will not pass the defense. The members of the jury will definitely check the items below and ask you:

  • Which method did you use in your research and why?

  • How did you determine your sample? Is the sample size sufficient?

  • Are the scales you use valid and reliable? Have you tested these?

  • Have you done factor analysis? If so, which method did you use? Why is that?

  • Were there any reverse items on the scale? Did you fix these?

  • How did you score the scale? Why is that?

  • Is your data parametric? Did it meet the normality condition?

  • What were your hypotheses? How did you test these?

  • Which method did you use for difference analysis?

  • How did you do the correlation and/or regression?

  • Can we see the implications for your findings over there?

We can increase the number of these and similar questions even more. Because you are putting forward a scientific study, a thesis. It will certainly be questioned. On the other hand, even if your thesis has been accepted successfully, if it contains wrong methods, analyzes and findings, this situation will be permanent. Because once your thesis is written, it will take its place in libraries and will be accessible to all readers. This situation will be a big problem especially for those who are going to start academic life. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get help from someone who knows. However, this person should be both an expert in statistics and a good command of academic writing. Because an expert can do all the analysis you want, but if he gives them to you without writing them in accordance with academic rules, it will be very difficult for you to write. We can even say that you can't get out of it. Also, there is a (big!) possibility that your professors might say you better analyze this as well as this, let's remove that and analyze only with that. Therefore, the specialist you get help from should continue to support you until the defense.


If your questionnaire is not ready, we prepare your questionnaire for the purpose of your study.


If you have not entered data, we prepare a template for the entry of your data and help you enter it easily.


We perform lost data analysis and debugging on the entered data


Depending on the purpose of your study, we want you to present the analysis methods we will use and the framework of the findings to be prepared, and present it to your advisor, and we expect you to get his pre-approval.


We indicate approximately the number of pages of text and the delivery date and we strictly adhere to them.


After the completion of the previous stages, we start your work and meet your request.


From delivery to defense , we fulfill any request for correction and answer questions unconditionally. So you continue to get support from us whenever you want.


You are referencing us :)

Have you collected your data?

Survey, scale, etc. Is your data collection tool ready?

  • You will share information such as the purpose of your study and research questions with us.

  • In line with the opinions and suggestions of our relevant teacher, surveys / scales, etc. will be prepared.

  • Survey, interview, measurement etc. By doing so, you will collect your data.

[! We do not provide data collection services as a platform. However, if an online survey is requested, we can help]



Has your data (survey responses, etc.) been entered in Excel or SPSS?




  • You have to enter your data in Excel.

[If you want, we can create a template Excel file for data entry]


  • You can take individual photos of your surveys and leave your data entry to us.

[! In this case, an additional fee is charged]


You will send your data to us by e-mail. Our teacher will make a preliminary examination of them in terms of validity, reliability, quality and feasibility.

At the same time, your scale or questionnaire you use and information about how they are evaluated, if any,

We request that you send the purpose of your study and, if any, your research questions and / or hypotheses (your thesis proposal by removing your personal information if possible).

Our teacher will examine these and evaluate what is wanted to be done. He will write to you what he will do. Thus, you will not encounter any surprises.

We do not promise to start the analysis before this stage is over and your work is considered feasible and there is a consensus on what to do.

SPSS Data File

So that you can use it in your next work

Analysis Reports (pdf)

To present for control and proof when requested

Your work

Method, Results and Conclusion Sections (written in accordance with the thesis writing format)

What will be sent to you

In order to meet your request faster, please state the answers to the questions shown in yellow above when entering your request.

Click for request entry.

After the above steps; If we receive a promise to withdraw from you, we will start the analysis WITHOUT receiving prepayment.

However, what will be sent to you will change according to which of the following 2 options (you must choose only one) when entering your request.



SPSS Data File

So that you can use it in your next work

Analysis Reports (pdf + word)

We will deliver your reports in both pdf and word form.

Explanation balloons stating what is meant and the results will be placed on the pdf reports.

You will be able to easily copy all tables from the Word file and paste them into your thesis.

Note: The intellectual property rights of all kinds of shares contained here belong to the thesis support platform .com .

However, it can be shared and used provided that the source is shown.

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