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How we work?

Easily submit your request using our request form.

Give as much detail as possible, because we must understand you very well. 

Our site moderator will evaluate the details of your request. If there is a lack of important information, s/he will return to you and request additional information from you.

If there is no missing information, the most appropriate field expert academician will be contacted and information other than your identity will be forwarded to him/her and his/her evaluation will be requested.

Our field expert will evaluate your request in terms of feasibility and will return to our moderator in writing.

Our moderator will return via email with the evaluations sent by our expert in writing (whether the work is feasible, what to do if found appropriate, roadmap, draft plan, suggestions, time required, etc.) and our wage offer.  

In this return, the details of what will be done, the delivery date, wages, mutual rights and responsibilities will be clearly explained.  Approval will be awaited for your questions or to start working directly.

You will thoroughly evaluate our answer and reply to our email, sending your reply regarding our evaluation and proposal and your confirmation to start.

At this stage, we kindly request you to evaluate the email we sent very well. Because the work will be carried out completely in accordance with what is written here. Therefore, if possible we recommend that you evaluate them with your advisor and get his/her acceptance. Otherwise, labor, time and financial loss may occur.

If all of our questions have been answered and you have given your approval to start, we will start your work without any down payment.

Our field expert academician will prepare your work according to the roadmap, content, plan and work schedule determined in the previous stage. At this stage, if our expert has questions, they will be sent to you through our moderator. 

When our expert finishes the work, s/he will send it to our moderator, some time before the delivery date.


Our moderator will send the work to a different academician for quality control, without waiting, and will inform you that "your work has been sent to quality control". At this stage, which lasts for a maximum of 12 hours, possible deficiencies will be checked by a different eye.

When your work comes back from the quality control stage, you will be informed that your work is ready for delivery.

A random number of completed pages (such as pages 1, 8, 13, 18, 25, 32) will be sent to you before your payment. Thus, you will have checked whether the work is actually done and its quality.


After your inspection, you will be asked to make your payment.  Your work (as word and pdf), resources, spss file and reports, if any, will be delivered together with your payment.

After receiving your work, if you request any corrections, we will cover them free of charge. Corrections will be sent to you separately in word track mode. If your advisor has new requests in addition to the ones mentioned at the beginning, we will continue to charge and meet them.

In addition, in cases where you need, we will answer all your questions about what has been done unconditionally.

As a result, your request will be met exactly as you want and you will be a reference to us :)

This is really so, 90% of the work we do consists of those who reach us with suggestions. Please review our references page. 


Also, you can take a look at our warranties and frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages.

Lastly, we should also mention that, as Thesis Help Platform, we have certain principles that we do not compromise throughout the entire process...
These are sincerity, professionalism, not compromising on quality, working with a focus on satisfaction, timely delivery, adherence to ethical rules, and not sharing your personal information.
In short, we want to fulfill your requests "exactly as you want" and establish lasting friendships.
That's why we define ourselves as "Turkey's thesis assistance platform".

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